About Us

Answers to some of life’s toughest questions include mental health. Neuro Health Therapy is the website for Telos Neuro Health, that delivers powerful clinical answers. TMS is the solution you have been looking for and gives individuals and families simply more. More help, more answers, more success because it treats the brain directly, as an alternative to medication. Our clients are raving about their newfound improvements and for most, these improvements are permanent. PrTMS is a proprietary tool that delivers treatment directly to the brain. It does not treat symptoms but rather the cause. We also provide the long standing rTMS protocols including the efficient and powerful Theta Burst TMS that have been available for over 30 years and approved by the FDA for treating certain mental health conditions. PrTMS may improve on that technology and deliver focused treatments that can be more effective and provide results with less amplitude. Your comfort is our highest priority. With our warm, friendly “spa like” environment, you may not want to leave.