January 2020 most Americans were living the new year with work, New Year’s goals and looking forward to life in the year 2020. Fast forward to April and nearly every city in America has a death count from COVID-19. Schools closed early, jobs were transitioned to home for many and those who still had conventional work, it was anything but conventional.

COVID-19 forced us to rethink how we think, act, play and interact. Not with strangers but neighbors, family and friends. The real question is, have we learned to cope or have we learned to adapt?

Huffpost notes, “The negative effects of isolation have been well documented by doctors. Loneliness is linked to premature death, heart disease, mental health and addiction issues.

Finding a pill to solve this is not the only answer. Pills can cover or reduce the symptom of depression or anxiety but it might be time to look at the cause. building adapting skills and resilience skills are vital. These might look like:

● Staying busy
● Schedules
● Interaction with co-workers and friends (digitally or with socially distancing)
● Rebuild your day with common tasks and markers of what a successful day used to be

PrTMS is also a strong solution to being healthy emotionally. No chemicals. No pills. No shots. Just science working to regulate your brain and treating the cause rather than symptoms.