PrTMS Success Stories

Hear real success stories from patients having treatment with PrTMS

OMG my fibromyalgia diagnosed 18 years ago is gone! This resulted in discontinuing ALL pain meds. My depression has improved substantially. My body requires less sleep and sleep quality is significantly improved. -adult patient

Life changing! My son is more engaged emotionally with those around him. He is more attentive and considerate of others feelings. He is making eye contact more frequently and requires less prompting to get his chores/tasks done and lately is completing tasks without being asked. – parent

My son received PrTMS for 8 weeks and the results are positive and quite remarkable. Here’s a little history that led to our decision to have this treatment…

My son was a pleasant baby but started to demonstrate difficult behavior around age 2. He received extensive testing by a neuropsychologist at age 9 with a resultant diagnosis of Generalized Anxiety Disorder. When he was 12, he experienced a traumatic loss when his father died and then started to have severe depression in addition to the anxiety. We went to the Amen Clinic in California to have brain SPECT imaging and more extensive testing done. The brain SPECT showed that recreational drug use had affected my son’s brain negatively. We spent a year going to an excellent psychiatrist who tried numerous medications and therapies with poor to fair results. Substance abuse as a means to self-medicate became a problem, so my son was admitted to Telos Academy for help and I was excited to learn that they provided PrTMS treatment.

In combination with exceptional psychotherapy, EMDR, and amazing mentoring, My son’s whole demeanor has changed. He has been able to discontinue 2 out of 3 prescription medications, only taking one medication to help him sleep at night. His depression and anxiety are significantly reduced and he concentrates better and seems his memory has improved. He received straight A’s two terms in a row. On the whole, he is calmer and has a more positive outlook on life. PrTMS treatment was a worthwhile investment for my son’s mental and emotional health and has helped him to be a happier and more productive young man.  -parent