The rTMS and TBS Process

Become yourself again with rTMS and TBS. Most people begin life at an optimal level of brain health, yet through trauma, concussion/TBI, abuse, addiction and other factors, the brain can be thrown out of balance. Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) and Theta Burst Stimulation (TBS) offers a standardized FDA treatment plan to rebalance and improve brain function for better mood, improved focus, sleep, anxiety relief, and diminished symptoms of autism spectrum.

Treatment Process

All patients will enjoy a calm, beautifully appointed treatment suite with more of a spa feeling than a doctors office.

ONE FREE qEEG AND ASSESSMENT – Meet with the Doctor and determine the best treatment path for you.

Treatment Timeline

Treatment times are consistent.

Each treatment takes approximately 30 minutes once it begins. Treatments take a consistent daily commitment for about 10 weeks depending on treatment response. Treatments that are not producing a measurable response are usually identified after two qEEG tests. In this case, if the treatment is not delivering results, daily treatments will not continue.

Following the initial treatment, the patient may need to come in for a “tune-up” to maintain the optimal result. If needed, tuneups typically are at the 6 month or year mark, for one to two weeks to maintain the peak results. Without tuneups, people on average maintain high-level results. These followup visits will be determined individually. Over time the distance between followup visits gets longer and eventually are not needed.