With over 50,000 Scans, PrTMS Technology Delivers Significant Results

PrTMS is a drug-free, non-invasive medical treatment for disruptions in the brain’s natural electrical rhythm that can affect how you think and how you feel.  Just as your heart beats to a natural electrical rhythm, so does your brain. The majority of patients experience improvement, some even profound improvement. Treatments have benefited patients with sleep deficits, depression, anxiety and has shown promising initial results in a host of other needs as simple as “foggy thinking”and complex as treating autism spectrum.

Why rTMS

rTMS is FDA Approved

rTMS is the longest standing version of TMS and is FDA approved to treat adults with depression, OCD and migraines.  This gives confidence in the effectiveness of the treatment, as well as, increases the likelihood of obtaining insurance coverage since insurance companies typically only will pay for FDA approved treatments. 

Another benefit of rTMS is the cost efficiency due to the standardized protocol that does not require weekly qEEGs to adjust and personalize the treatment protocol as is done with PrTMS.   It is also a shorter duration of 6 weeks rather than a standard of 8 weeks in PrTMS.


TBS is FDA Approved

Theta Burst Stimulation (TBS) is a concentrated delivery of rTMS.  It obtains the same or potentially better results than standard rTMS in a shorter period of time.  Since Theta Burst Stimulation is tripled it only takes a short 3 minutes for the treatment delivery compared to the 18 minute rTMS protocol.  It is also approved by the FDA and has a higher likelihood of insurance coverage than non FDA protocols.

Explore the Benefits

PrTMS uses TMS technology that has been around for decades. PrTMS is newer and uses a significantly reduced amplitude compared to the traditional TMS systems. Low amplitude, non-invasive, magnetic pulses stimulate or suppress out-of-sync neuronal activity in functional brain areas. The EEG measures brain current and personalizes the treatments of each patient. The data is gathered and assessments are physician-verified for diagnostic treatment planning.  Depending on which areas of the brain are affected, PrTMS treatment can help with anxiety, depression, foggy thinking, processing, not feeling grounded and even pain.

How PrTMS works

The first step of PrTMS involves analyzing a patient’s unique brainwaves based on EEG data and constructing a map of the activity. This map, together with neurocognitive test scores, is used to create a patient-tailored rTMS treatment plan, which is verified and approved by Dr. Palmer or a qualified PrTMS provider. PrTMS allows for a dynamic approach to neuromodulation and is designed to restore balance and correct brainwave disruptions that may contribute to many conditions.

The Science Behind PrTMS

Side Effects

PrTMS powered by PeakLogic, is a proprietary therapeutic approach that calculates a personalized treatment protocol and dose for each patient which is then verified and approved by a Peaklogic physician. Magnetic stimulation is then delivered according to the individual’s protocol & dose by a licensed treatment provider in accordance with his or her medical judgment.

Over 50,000 samples of brain functioning shows side-affects are minor. The following have been identified:

  • A tingling sensation during treatment, however most patients feel nothing
  • Mild headache during treatment, subsides shortly after treatment ends
  • In almost all cases patients experience better sleep patterns
  • If patient has traumatic brain injury (TBI) that has cracked the skull, the treatment rarely works